Giant Maps

The alliance now has TWO new Giant maps, and they are in large suitcases ready to be used in local schools and to travel the state.  The Alliance now has three types of Giant Maps: A Giant Map of Europe (26×26 feet), A Giant Map of South America (26×35 feet), and two Giant Maps of Rhode Island (14×21 feet).


If you are interested in getting the map, please email Amy Tibbetts at with the subject line “Giant map: Europe”, “Giant map: South America”,  or “Giant map: Rhode Island”, to request a map to come to your school.  Please include 3 dates that would work best for your school schedule. Also, please include a cell phone number that the previous map borrower can use to arrange a time and place to hand off the map.  If there isn’t a next borrower, you will be expected to return the map to Rhode Island College.  Since we are providing usage of the maps for free, the only cost is willingness to care for the map, and to take care of the transportation logistics.

In the next school year, we anticipate that participating schools will have the map for a full school week, but since we are getting these maps just before the end of the school year, we will all work together to get the map to as many schools as possible. (Please be patient and flexible as the map travels to schools all over the state).   The maps of Europe and South America do not come with a trunk of materials, but you can download pre-made lesson plans and activities from the National Geographic website.

When in charge of a map at your school, keep in mind these do’s and don’t.  DON’Ts:

  • No bare feet (oils and sweat) or shoes on the map.
  • Socks are required to walk on the map.
  • No writing instruments (or anything sharp) on the map.
  • No sliding on the map (jean rivets rip maps).
  • Don’t leave the map unattended without a responsible adult in charge.


  • Make the map as accessible to as many students as possible.
  • Make this an opportunity for a public event with VIPs and media.
  • Find ways to get interdisciplinary uses of the map to get more teachers involved to get publicity for your school.
  • Treat the resources carefully so they will stay clean and last for years.
  • Transport the map to the next school with the map (and retrieve it if necessary).
  • Take pictures (following your school procedures) and have fun!