Giant Map of RI

The Giant Map of Rhode Island is officially in the schools now! A huge thanks goes out to Artena Fairbairn of Robertson Elementary School (Warwick) for leading the alliance initiative to bring this 16×24 foot map to Rhode Island Schools. If you are interested in getting the map, please email with the subject line “Giant RI map” to request the map to come to your school.  Please include 3 weeks that would work best for your school schedule.  We anticipate that participating schools will have the map for a full school week (please be patient as the map travels to schools all over the state).

When in charge of a map at your school, keep in mind these do’s and don’t.  DON’Ts:

  • No bare feet (oils and sweat) or shoes on the map. 
  • Socks are required to walk on the map. 
  • No writing instruments (or anything sharp) on the map. 
  • No sliding on the map (jean rivets rip maps). 
  • Don’t leave the map unattended without a responsible adult in charge.


  • Make the map as accessible to as many students as possible. 
  • Make this an opportunity for a public event with VIPs and media.
  • Find ways to get interdisciplinary uses of the map to get more teachers involved to get publicity for your school.
  • Treat the resources carefully so they will stay clean and last for years. 
  • Wash the communal socks in the kits BEFORE giving the map to the next school. 
  • Transport the map to the next school with the map.
  • Take pictures (following your school procedures) and have fun!