Make your own Mega Map

I love National Geographic’s MapMaker Kit as a great way to have students produce their own oversized Mega Maps  (8 rows of 17 columns), especially if you only have access to a printer that prints 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.  Students can tile these together to create an impressive wall map (over 7 feet tall).

To Download your own Mega Map, you can download and print the following PDFs:

Want something a little smaller?  The Tabletop Maps are 8 sheets of paper (2 rows of 4 columns) that work nicely on a

Need more customization?  You can create a smaller 1 page world map customized to your needs.

Here are a series of 6 lessons and activities that teachers can use with either Mega Map or a Tabletop map.  Activities with Tabletop and Mega Maps

To explore other Mega Maps (Europe, USA, Africa, etc.), visit  I love National Geographic’s MapMaker Kit homepage.  (2016 CT Registration form).


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