Regional Captains

To help distributing resources, several outstanding RIGEA members have accepted the role of “Regional Captain.”  The role of the regional captains is to:

  • Help the Alliance distribute news, maps, posters and other resources to local teachers.
  • Work towards identifying district liaisons in aiding them in this process.

For example, we are currently preparing for Geography Awareness Week (Nov 11-17th).  Excellent posters from National Geographic are available; please contact a regional captain to get a copy.

Roster of Regional Captains:

  1. Lyn Malone (East Bay)–
  2. Chris Walsh (Newport)–
  3. Helen Johnson (South County)–
  4. Cathy Pleau (North & East of Providence)–CPleau@Smithfield-Ps.Org
  5. Artena Fairbairn (Warwick & Kent County)–
  6. Seth Dixon (Providence & Cranston)–

So if you can help a regional captain by being a contact in the school district or building, let them know.


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