Rhode Island State Bee

Rhode Island State Bee, April 1, 2016 at

Scottish Rite Masonic Center
2115 Broad Street
Cranston, RI  02905 
If you are participating/volunteering, click here for more information.

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Local Alliance Membership gets National Advantages

Individuals who join or renew their NCGE memberships through this new program will receive all the benefits of membership plus an additional conference registration discount, all for the low annual membership rate of $50 for as long as the partnership remains in effect.  Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance (RIGEA) members are all automatically members of the New England Geography Education Network (NEGEN).”

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Partnership enables the New England Geography Education Network and the National Council for Geographic Education to combine unique strengths to develop a more focused approach to support the status and quality of geography education throughout the New England region (all RIGEA members are all automatically members of NEGEN). The NCGE-NEGEN partnership recognizes our common goals, and through our joint membership program, we provide complementary support, benefits and opportunities for geography educators in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The partnership provides an opportunity for collaboration on major advancements in curricula and classroom resources, professional development, professional recognition, research, and outreach.

All members of the New England Geography Education Network have the opportunity to purchase an NCGE membership at a reduced rate of $50 per member/per year (a $45 savings)!

Giant Traveling Map of Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance, will be receiving a Giant Traveling map from @NatGeoEducation! This is a preview of the future 16 x 24 foot map designed for elementary and middle school students.  I’m excited for little feet to explore the smallest state in a big way.  As I get more details, I will share them, but I foresee this rolling out in the 2016-2017 school year.

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