2015 Giant North American Map

I was just informed that our proposal to receive a Giant Traveling Map from National Geographic was accepted! Two years ago we had the South America map come to Rhode Island, and last year the Giant Traveling map of Africa came to the Ocean state and many schools found it to be a way to make an event of it. We’ll be receiving the map of North America that comes with an excellent set of resources on how to interactively teach, explore, learn and play with this specific map as a part of your curriculum. This map will soon be coming to Rhode Island; it will be available for schools and teachers to use from March 21st to April 19th.  The Alliance wants to make this accessible to as many RIGEA members as possible. For schools with 4 RIGEA members, this map can be rented for a free of charge for two days (if you are interested in more days, let me know). Remember that it’s free for teachers, administrators and parents to sign up to become RIGEA members—consider this your chance to recruit them for a good cause for your school AND the Alliance. For schools without 4 RIGEA members, they can still rent the map for $200 per day, but I have faith in your recruiting skills.



For those interested, please send your request to rigea@ric.edu with the following information

  1. Include the subject line “Scheduling Giant Map”
  2. Select day(s) on or between March 21-April 19 that you would like to schedule the map with at least two alternative dates.
  3. List the names of Alliance members (or future Alliance members) at your school. This can be a “work in progress.”  You can sign them up yourself (with their consent of course).
  4. The name and address of your school.  
  5. Contact information for the person who will be responsible for transporting the map to the subsequent school (phone and email).

Source: rigea.org


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