For the Love of Maps

National Geographic Education Blog

By Seth Dixon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography, Rhode Island College

I have a confession to make; I’m a map geek. Even as a kid watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, I was fascinated by the map they used to segue between scenes to show Indiana Jones’ travels. Forget the one I mean? Watch the clip below.

The spatial information stored in that single image heightened the level of mystery and intrigue in the adventure for me. Ever since then I’ve loved the idea of combining videos with maps, so I produced this interactive map using ArcGIS online (the metadata for the map is available here). This mapping feature spatially indexes over 60 of my favorite place-based videos that I use in my classes. Since all of these videos specifically refer to particular places, they are spatially indexed on this map. The maps are marked with varying degrees of…

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