NEARC GIS Educators Day

“GIS Educators Day, sponsored by NEARC and Esri, is a full-day conference devoted exclusively to topics and issues pertaining to the use of GIS and other geospatial technologies in K-12, college, and informal education.

GIS Educators Day is a one-day pre-conference to NEARC’s annual professional user conference which will run from October 5 – October 8 at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, Connecticut. GIS Educators Day will feature hands-on computer labs, presentations, and participant-driven conversations on a range of resources, projects, and topics.”


RIGEA would like to see that all RI teachers that want to attend will have the resources to do so.  We are offering scholarships to help cover the attendance fees for all that would like to attend the conference (actual amount of the ‘scholarship’ will depend on the quantity  of RIGEA members that will be attending).  If you are thinking about attending, please email  explaining your intent with the subject line “NEARC.”



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