Rhode Island’s 10 Best Beaches

In a state renowned for its shoreline, we name the very best 10 beaches we’ve got.  From family-friendly coves to remote stretches, Rhode Island has something for everyone. See if your favorite made the list, and see if you can visit them all before Labor Day. 

Source: www.golocalprov.com


How Many Gun Deaths Are There In Your State?

Red, blue, and purple states wind up pretty much where you’d expect. And if you’re in Louisiana, you might want to keep your head down.

Source: prospect.org

Rhode Island isn’t on the bottom of this list for being the smallest state, but because Rhode Island has the fewest gun deaths (per capita) in the United States.  3.14 per 100,000 residents is lowest in the United States and this is one more reason to be glad that you live in the Ocean State.  Do you notice any regional patterns in the rest of the data?  Any explanations to make sense of these regional patterns?

1,007 species recorded in Rocky Point survey

“A team of more than 140 naturalists set off to document every species of plant, insect, animal, bird and fish that could be found on the premises. A total of 1,007 species had been recorded. The total exceeded the 973 average count for the past 15 annual ‘BioBlitzes’ and greater than what he expected for an area as small as Rocky Point – the annual surveys are usually done on tracts larger than the Point’s 124 acres – and expected in an area that had been so extensively developed.”

Source: www.warwickonline.com