Come see the Giant Map of Africa!

The Giant Traveling Map of Africa is making its way across the state; I’m glad that many more decided to avail themselves of this opportunity than did last year.  For those that are not able to have the map come to your classroom, I would like to invite you to mine.  This next Thursday, March 20th, I will be sharing this map with my World Regional Geography class at Rhode Island College.  Students will be presenting short 5 minute lessons (on topics from mining in Central Africa to the historical/colonial influence of Portuguese in Sub-Saharan Africa) and if will be a chance to take of your shoes and get up and personal with this map.  The event will be held in the RIC Student Union Ballroom at 4pm, March 20.  I hope to see you there; as RIGEA is currently thinking about creating a Giant Traveling Map of Rhode Island (how cool would that be to have in your classroom!), you can see some of the resources that accompany this type of map.

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