Senator Whitehouse: 9 Reasons I Care About Climate Change – And You Should Too

“As carbon pollution continues to drive global climate change and wreak havoc on our environment, the Obama Administration recently proposed limits on carbon pollution from new power plants. Here are 9 reasons why I care about climate change and why I support President Obama’s plan to address it.”

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

Rhode Island has a great advocate in environmental management and sustainability in U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.  In his public outreach to convince people to believe climate change science, he produced this Buzzfeed list.  The beauty of this list is that is both locally nuanced and globally aware (that’s practical usage of scale, a key geographic –local impacts from global patterns).  

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Giant Map of Africa!

The Giant Traveling Map of Africa is making its way across the state; I’m glad that many more decided to avail themselves of this opportunity than did last year.  For those that are not able to have the map come to your classroom, I would like to invite you to mine.  This next Thursday, March 20th, I will be sharing this map with my World Regional Geography class at Rhode Island College.  Students will be presenting short 5 minute lessons (on topics from mining in Central Africa to the historical/colonial influence of Portuguese in Sub-Saharan Africa) and if will be a chance to take of your shoes and get up and personal with this map.  The event will be held in the RIC Student Union Ballroom at 4pm, March 20.  I hope to see you there; as RIGEA is currently thinking about creating a Giant Traveling Map of Rhode Island (how cool would that be to have in your classroom!), you can see some of the resources that accompany this type of map.

Last year we had the South America map come to Rhode Island, and several schools found it to be a great event.  We’ll be receiving the map of Africa that comes with an excellent set of resources on how to interactively teach, explore, learn and play with this specific map as a part of your curriculum. This map will soon be coming to Rhode Island March 11th to the 26th and the Alliance wants to make this accessible to as many RIGEA members as possible. For schools with 4 RIGEA members, this map can be rented for a free of charge for the first day with any additional days at a rate of $150 per day. Remember that it’s free for teachers, administrators and parents to sign up to become RIGEA members—consider this your chance to recruit them for a good cause for your school AND the Alliance.  For schools without 4 RIGEA members, they can still rent the map for $150 per day. 

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“Africa’s tremendous Sahara, deep forest, and endless savanna await your students on this visually stunning map, based on the September 2005 National Geographic Magazine map insert. The brightly colored map is 26’ x 35’, and clearly illustrates oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, countries and capitals. The map comes with a trunk of rich activities, games, props and educational resources. Explore the continent with your students using these educationally powerful and fun activities.”

Let’s Explore Africa
Simon Says…Explore!
How Big Is Africa?
African Animal Safari
Fun With African Physical Features
Cardinal Directions
A Legend-ary Exploration
African Population
Additional Activities

Political Advocacy for Geo-Education

Next week, a delegation representing RIGEA will go to Washington D.C. to advocate for geography education. On February 26th I will personally meet with Senators Whitehouse and Reed, Congressmen Cicilline and Langevin. I those meetings I will encourage them to become sponsors of the Teaching Geography is Fundamental bill. I would like to encourage you to consider voicing your support for geography education with you representatives. Did you know that Geography is the ONLY required subject that does not receive any dedicated federal funding under No Child Left Behind?

It will help our cause immensely if the Members of Congress that I meet with have already heard from constituents about the importance of geography education, and about the existence of the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act. I urge you to join me in a chorus of support for action by Congress. You don’t have to go to DC to help.

You can go to and send pre-written letters directly to your Senators and Representative.

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