Climate Adaptation Workshop in Cranston RI

Concerned about more severe storms and increased risk of flooding?  Wondering how cities and towns can address these risks?  Join us for an interactive workshop to address these questions!

October 23, November 6 or 19

6:00 to 8:30 pm

Cranston Senior Center

1070 Cranston Street, Cranston, RI

These events are free and a light supper will be provided. Please register here to attend.  Everyone is welcome!  Using role-play simulations- or games- the workshop will allow participants to explore ways to decrease the community’s vulnerability to flooding and its impacts on homes, infrastructure, economic stability, and quality of life.

Questions? Please contact Toral Patel at For further project information please visit

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Earth Science Week

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

Take part in Earth Science Week 2013! Held October 13-19, ESW 2013 will promote awareness of the many exciting uses of maps and mapping technologies in the geosciences. “Mapping Our World,” the theme of ESW 2013, engages young people and the public in learning how geoscientists, geographers, and other mapping professionals use maps to represent land formations, natural resource deposits, bodies of water, fault lines, volcanic activity, weather patterns, travel routes, parks, businesses, population distribution, our shared geologic heritage, and more. Maps help show how the Earth systems – geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere – interact.

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Giant Map in Rhode Island

Last year, several schools were host to National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Map of South America.  Thanks to Ruth Lepre for sharing some pictures from this great event. In the Spring semester, the Alliance would like to bring another giant map to the state; which one would you like to bring to your school?

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