Unique Food Experiences

Most Rhode Islander’s have had a Del’s Lemonade or a Doughboy from Iggy’s.  These regional treats are some things I always take visitors from out of state to enjoy so they can ‘properly’ experience Rhode Island since they are iconic emblems of the Ocean State.  This is a list of 7 unique eateries that you can only find in Rhode Island or across the border in Massachusetts.  While on that same trip, the authors of that article also cataloged a list of 8 of the oldest things in New England, a list with great historic qualities.  

Questions to Ponder: What do culinary customs say about a state and region?  How does what foods are eaten shape the local culture?  How does this help to create a regional identity?  How do ‘authentic’ foods help create or foster a sense of place?

See on www.buzzfeed.com


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