Start of the Year Videos


“This is a compilation of videos that can be used to at the beginning of the school year to show the importance of geography, spatial thinking and geo-literacy.”

Have you seen our recently-added list of great videos?  These are about a dozen of my favorites to emphasize to kids why it’s important to have geography in school.

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Unique Food Experiences

Most Rhode Islander’s have had a Del’s Lemonade or a Doughboy from Iggy’s.  These regional treats are some things I always take visitors from out of state to enjoy so they can ‘properly’ experience Rhode Island since they are iconic emblems of the Ocean State.  This is a list of 7 unique eateries that you can only find in Rhode Island or across the border in Massachusetts.  While on that same trip, the authors of that article also cataloged a list of 8 of the oldest things in New England, a list with great historic qualities.  

Questions to Ponder: What do culinary customs say about a state and region?  How does what foods are eaten shape the local culture?  How does this help to create a regional identity?  How do ‘authentic’ foods help create or foster a sense of place?

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NEARC GIS Educators Day

GIS Educators Day, sponsored by NEARC and Esri, is a full-day conference devoted exclusively to topics and issues pertaining to the use of GIS and other geospatial technologies in K-12, college, and informal education.

GIS Educators Day is a one-day pre-conference to NEARC’s annual professional user conference which will run from September 29 – October 2 at the Radisson Hotel Nashua. GIS Educators Day will feature hands-on computer labs and presentations exploring a range of resources, projects, and topics.

GIS Educators Day addresses the number one goal of GIS conference goers…the opportunity to network with other professionals who share your interest in the use of geospatial technologies in the same setting. Whether you’re a K-12 or college educator, an experienced GIS user or a newcomer who wants to learn about the educational possibilities of this powerful tool, you’ll want to put this outstanding regional event on your “Must Do” list for 2013.

HOW TO REGISTER Two ways to register:

NEARC 2013 Conference
c/o Delaney Meeting & Event Management
1 Mill Street, Suite 315
Burlington, VT 05401

Or fax to: (802) 865-8066

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New England MapMaker Kit

“Download, print, and assemble maps of New England in a variety of sizes.  The mega map of New England occupies a large wall, or can be used on the floor. The map is made up of 49 pieces; download rows 1-7 for the full map of New England. The tabletop size is good for small group work. It is made up of 9 pieces. ”

Who hasn’t wanted a giant map of New England for their classroom? This mapmaker kit from National Geographic Education is a great resource for all teachers in New England.  Students could work collaboratively on this or a teacher could make this on their own without any major cost constraints.  

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