2012 GAW Lesson Plans

Monday (11/12): GAW Kick-Off Evening –Sean O’Connor from the National Geographic Education Foundation will be our evening keynote speaker at our GAW kick-off event.  More details are here.

Tuesday (11/13): Map your Shirt  –Today is the first day of GAW and to start off we have a “3 Step Geography Challenge ” for your students. (see attachment). Assign this today and have it due on Friday. Be sure to remove the answers on the right before handing it out. Today is also the first step in students finding out how INTERDEPENDENT they are with spots around the globe. First, try out the GLOBAL CLOSET CALCULATOR with your class. As you work through the GLOBAL CLOSET CALCULATOR you will soon be discussing GLOBALIZATION and TRADE with your students. Finally, have each student work with a partner to find “MADE IN” labels in each other’s clothing. When students discover where an item of their clothing is made have them write it down. Using a large classroom map, use post-it notes to mark where one item of clothing for each student is located.

Wednesday (11/14): GIS Mapping Day  –As a follow-up to the “Map your Shirt” exercise, we invite you to take it digitally and join the whole state. This lesson with allow students to upload their information to an ArcGIS.com map.  Step-by step instructions on how to do this are here:  Shirts and Shoes

ArcGIS also has a gallery of over 40 “StoryMaps” including one called Around the World in 365 Days.  Also, There is a famous McDonald’s and Starbucks map that shows some great global interconnections that would be good to show students and to start some discussions.  A site called Map Trade is another place to explore global interconnections; here is a classroom activity for the Map Trade site – Map Trade Directions.

Thursday (11/15): Make Your Map  –Give each student a 1-page World Political map from the Map Maker Kits.  Have them map their clothing items from Tuesday’s activity. Any other global connections students may have may be mapped as well.

Friday (11/16): Map your Birthday  –A fun global connection for students is to map their birthday and find which countries or global locations are special connections for them.
Here’s how: Say your birthday is June 16th or 6/16. Using these 2 numbers as latitude and longitude you can find 4 spots on the globe:

  • 6˚N 16˚E
  • 6˚N 16˚W
  • 6˚S 16˚W
  • 6˚S 16˚E

Have students indicate these places on their personal map. What does your class notice about everyone’s birthday locations? Add one birthday location from each student to the large classroom map.  Today is also the day to collect and discuss (many INTERDEPENDENCE and TRADE possibilities) the “3 Step Geography Challenge” handed out on Tuesday.

Additional Resources:

This November 11-17th is Geography Awareness Week.  The theme is Geography: Declare Your Interdependence.   National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week’s website has some great resources including this Global Closet Calculator.

Here are 6 lessons and activities designed around National Geographic’s Mega Maps and Tabletop Maps can be printed with ordinary 8.5 x11 sheets of paper.   This is a perfect way to celebrate and get ready for Geography Awareness Week.

RIGEA will announce more events and activities as the time approaches, but the 2012 Bookmark Contest needs to be announced immediately (and please spread the word!) to ensure a good response. Please encourage your students to submit entries (deadline Nov 10th!).  For more information and the submission form, see the 2012 Bookmark Contest Form.

See on rigea.org


One comment on “2012 GAW Lesson Plans

  1. Thank you very much for this website and plans. There is so much to do here, I only wish I had enough computers in my class to let my students individually do these activities! I will be exploring them with them by classes. Thank you again!

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