Rhode Island Digital Atlas


The purpose of this website is to connect you with easy-to-use online maps of Rhode Island. We focus on sharing those maps that are available via online map services and can be accessed by a variety of software programs, including Google Earth, Esri ArcGIS products, and others.

The Rhode Island Digital Atlas is as great tool that requires no experience in remote sensing or GIS to access maps that show your local area.  Teachers and students can download maps based out their local municipality or their local watershed.  I especially like the watershed option because it encourages students to think about their relationship to the physical environment (Pictured is the Central Falls aerial photography).

Some of the maps available include:

  • Aerial Photographs (vaious dates)
  • Average Annual Precipitation
  • Conservation Lands
  • Cropland
  • Elevation (NED)
  • Farmland Soils
  • Forested Land (NLCD)
  • Impaired Waters
  • Impervious Surfaces
  • Land Use
  • Municipal Boundaries (CT, MA, RI)
  • Pasture
  • Riparian Land Use
  • Slope (NED)
  • Soil Drainage Classes
  • Soil Erosion Index
  • Soil Hydrologic Groups
  • Soil Hydrologic Groups and Estimated Depth to Seasonal
  • High Water Table
  • Surface Water (NHD)
  • Wellhead Protection Areas
  • Wetlands (NWI)


See on www.edc.uri.edu


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