Understanding a Rhode Island Accent

Mark Colozzi of Ocean State Follies translates Rhode Islandese. I recorded most of Charlie Hall’s Ocean State Follies performance at Rhode Island College (Oc…

This provides a humorous look at a regionally distinct accent and way of speaking from the city I live in, Cranston, RI. This might be tough to follow for some non-Rhode Islanders since many local places, stores and institutions referenced as deeply local.

(As a side note, this version was performed on my college campus and I’m actually in the background of the video since I was running the book sale as a fundraiser for the Shinn Study Abroad Committee. At the 2:30 mark, I’m the guy in the green shirt behind the Cranston sign)

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Sediment Spews from New England River After Irene

Nearly a week after Hurricane Irene drenched New England with rainfall in late August 2011, the Connecticut River was spewing muddy sediment into Long Island Sound and wrecking the region’s farmland just before harvest.


The effects of the flooding in Vermont and New Hampshire graphically manifested on the downstream parts of the watershed.  Good image for showing fluvial deposition and stream load.   

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The Providence Postcard Project: Love letters to a city

“[Historic local icons in Providence, RI] are all here— as postcard pictures, that is — resting on wooden slats that jut out from the walls of a gallery at Brown’s Granoff Center for the Creative Arts.   And they are all on display together for the first time — a drizzly Friday evening that marks the opening for the Providence Postcard Project.”


What postcards would you include in creating a local historical geography?  This would be a fun way to analyze changing landscapes and history with a local twist.  


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Providence and the Virtues of Scale

I live in the Providence metropolitan area so this particular blog posting about urban planning and economic revitalization hit very close to home.   


Rhode Islanders: how accurate do you feel this perspective on Providence and it’s economic assets (and deficiencies) is?  What other aspects would you discuss in trying to understand the economic geography of the area?  What are the biggest obstacles for improving the city? 

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Spatial Thinking: Professional Development Opportunity

Looking for a professional development opportunity? This Fall 2012 eNet Colorado is hosting a series of 5 webinars on spatial thinking. “The goal of Teaching Using Spatial Analysis 101 is to provide confidence, skills, and the spatial perspective necessary to foster spatial analysis in geography, earth and biological sciences, history, mathematics, computer science, and in other disciplines.

It will accomplish this through a series of hands-on activities where participants investigate a series of fascinating issues relevant to the 21st Century, including population, natural hazards, energy, water, current events, sustainable agriculture, and more. These activities will be supplemented by short readings and reflections that will build a community of educators focused on the value of investigating the world through a spatial perspective.” This promises to be a tremendous opportunity.

Facilitator (Teacher): Bianca Katz – Co-Facilitator Facilitator (Teacher): Joseph Kerski

Begins: 19 September 2012. Duration: 5 weeks. Location: Online. Cost: USD $75

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