2013 Geography Awareness Week


Geography Awareness Week is right around the corner (Nov. 18-22)!  The Theme is GEOGRAPHY AND THE NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION.  Here are some resources that you can use in your own classroom, in your home or anywhere with eager geo-enthusiasts. 

Here are some additional resources and worksheets that might be helpful.

RIGEA hopes that you use Geography Awareness week to promote spatial thinking and global awareness (something we like to call geo-literacy) in the Ocean State.  At Rhode Island College, there will be a GIS Day event in Gaige Hall (10am-2pm). 

Winners of the RIGEA Geography Awareness Map Challenge

Thank you to all participants, teachers and parents who helped to promote this mapping challenge and geo-literacy.  We are pleased to announce the top two winners in our 2013 Map Challenge Contest in conjunction with Geography Awareness Week 2013 here in Rhode Island. 

  • Mount Saint Charles Academy, Woonsocket, RI
  • Mrs. Lepre’s 7th Grade Geography Class
  • Winter Olympics 2014 MegaMap
  • Barrington Middle School, Barrington, RI
  • Ms. Taglione’s 6th Grade Social Studies Student Team
  • Eytan Goldstein, Amit Bhatia and Nikhil Pareek
  • Revolutionary War Map of RI’s Struggle for Freedom

Honorable Mention

  • Sophia and Benjamin Lepre–Walt Disney Map of Favorite Characters.


Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance (RIGEA)
Invites you to participate in a
All entries due November 8, 2013
1.      Think of a story you would like to tell with a map (for example: Grade 7 countries we will study this year, Kindegarten’s  favorite foods and where they come from, Grade 11 Today’s foreign policy with China, Grade 3’s ancestors, my family’s trip to Canada …)
2.   Go to www.nationalgeographic.org . Open “Education”. On the education page open “Mapping” and select “Mapmaker Kits”. Browse through the selections and decide on either a MEGA MAP or a TABLETOP MAP of the country, continent or area that fits your needs. MEGA MAPS are a very large finished size and are suited for large group projects (classrooms or schools). TABLETOP MAPS when completed fit on top of a table and are perfect for individuals or small groups.
3.    Assemble your map and tell your story on your map using any media you like.
4.    Send us an email with an attached photo or photos of your map. Tell us in the email about your map story. BE SURE TO INCLUDE the name of the person sending the email and any grade, teacher, classroom or school information. If you are a family or individual student please give us your complete contact information. EVERYONE: include a contact telephone number and name of the person we should speak to.
5.    RECOGNITION   Winning entries will have their map photograph and school or individual name appear on the National Geographic Blog during GEOGRAPHY AWARENESS WEEK November 17-23rd 2013. We will let you know which day it will be featured. People from all over the world read this blog, especially during GAW week!
Ellen Thompson
RIGEA GAW Coordinator
Ellen Thompson 401 245 6646



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