ConnectED Geography Webinar: Students can use, make, and share online maps for free

Join K-12 Esri Education Manager, Charlie Fitzpatrick, for this upcoming partnered webinar that is open and free to everyone! Online maps are easy, fun, and powerful. Anyone with an internet connection can get started in seconds, learn new content constantly, and build toward college, career, and civic life. Any connected device, anytime, anywhere! This NCGE webinar is designed for those just wondering how to start, with a special ConnectED offer from Esri for US K12 schools. Register now!
NCGE offers regular webinars for members; look at the 2015-2016 NCGE Webinar Season Schedule


Event: Local Applications of ArcGIS Online

Description: Join the RIGIS Community and Esri for a discussion on best practices and use cases for applying ArcGIS Online to your work. This three-hour event, sponsored by the URI Coastal Institute, will provide a series of presentations by your peers in the GIS community, opportunities for networking, and direct time with Esri staff to learn the latest features and best practices for using ArcGIS Online.


This event will be ideally suited to any GIS practitioner or manager of technology interested in learning about the latest uses and trends in GIS in the region and beyond. Users will be sharing their work for local perspective, with breaks provided to connect with one another. Esri will also be available to discuss examples from other customers and answer questions, while providing insight to the latest evolution and best practices.


When: Friday, August 28, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM


Where: Coastal Institute, University of Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay Campus Auditorium – 218 South Ferry Road, Narragansett, Rhode Island


Presentations: We are looking for anyone from Rhode Island to give a presentation on their use of ArcGIS Online.  Their use of AGOL need not use RIGIS data or include RI in its study area.  We are mainly looking for RI GIS users to show how they are using AGOL in their daily work, or as a way to help others review/explore their work, or learn more about geospatial technology.



                9:30 – 10:00     ArcGIS Platform Overview

                10:00 – 11:00   Rhode Island User Presentations

                11:00 – 11:30   Networking Break

                11:30 – 12:30   Guided Session by Esri


To register for this event or submit a presentation, please e-mail or call Nora Sauter from Esri at: or call 978-777-4543, x8458.

GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world!

GeoGuessr is a geography game which takes you on a journey around the world and challenges your ability to recognize your surroundings.


When I was a child I used to wonder if woke up somewhere far from home, would I be able to know where I was just by looking at the places around me (I was a geo-geek from way back when).  GeoGuessr is the closest thing to finding yourself lost in the world and needing to figure out where you are without being wisked away.  GeoGuessr will display 5 locations in GoogleMaps “StreetView” and you have to guess where the images are located.  You can pan and zoom in the StreetView to explore the landscape and find more context clues as to where that location is.  It is a fantastic exploration exercise.   

Tags: landscape, place, trivia.

The ArcGIS Book

“Explore ten ‘big ideas’ that encapsulate the technological and social trends that have pushed geographic information systems (GIS) onto the Internet in a significant way. See how to apply these ideas to your own world. Open your eyes to what is now possible with Web GIS, and put the technology and deep data resources in your hands via the Quickstarts and Learn ArcGIS lessons that are included in each chapter.”


I haven’t fully previewed this online textbook yet but I am VERY optimistic about this one from the ESRI library.  You can also download the textbook as a PDF here.  There are several other online textbooks that would interest geography teachers     

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Coastal Geography Field Trips

“The study of geography is not concerned with memorizing the names of states, capitals and continents, said RIC Adjunct Professor of Geography Jennifer Bonin. It is a field of science dedicated to the study of everything on the earth and in the earth – the lands, features, inhabitants and geological phenomena. ‘Geography is the history of the planet,’ she said.

For five summers, Bonin has taught a course on coastal geography, providing students with the history of Rhode Island’s coastal regions. Her first class is held at Napatree Point in Westerly, the western-most part of Rhode Island. Located at the end of a mile-and-a-half-long stretch of beach, not even the locals tend to venture out that far.


Pawtucket’s McCoy Stadium endangered for no good reason

If you’re searching for the real reason why the new owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox padded the announcement of their acquisition earlier this year with the accompanying news that they would move the team from its longtime home at McCoy Stadium, pay a visit to the Dusza-Almeida Post 2339.


These articles from the Boston Globe and the NY Times are great explorations of the economic geography of baseball and the place-based traditions that are rooted in having a team to call your own (even if the news is painful to many long-time residents.  There is a lot of anger in Pawtucket at the news that the team is planning to leave McCoy stadium.  This isn’t just a devastating financial blow to the Pawtucket community; for decades, Pawtucket could hang there hat on being home to the PawSox and that communal identity was one of the defining distinctions between Pawtucket and Central Falls.  Now it’ll be just another struggling town.  How will this impact Pawtucket and Providence neighborhoods? 

22+ International Borders Around The World

History (and sometimes, unfortunately, current events) shows us just how easily national borders can change, but we still like to think that they are permanent fixtures. These photos of different national borders around the world show you how both friendly and hostile nations like to fence off their turf.

Borders can make for some striking manifestations of power on the landscape.  On the other hand as seen in this picture of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, friendship and cooperation can also be inscribed into the landscape.  There are some great teaching images in this gallery. 

Tags: border, political, territoriality, sovereignty,  images, land use, landscape.


Rhode Island educators invited to participate in expedition aboard URI ship Endeavor

Rhode Island educators interested in marine science are invited to apply to participate in a three-day oceanographic expedition aboard the University of Rhode Island’s research vessel Endeavor in August.

Up to 12 educators from kindergarten through college will live and work aboard the 185-foot ship from August 17 to 19 and learn various research techniques for studying the biology, physics, chemistry and geology of the sea.To apply to participate in the August expedition, educators should visit Rhode Island Teacher-at-Sea. For more information, contact Maryann Scholl at 401-874-6500 or Application deadline is May 31.